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Touch365 is a fully Windows enabled business package which runs on a MySQL database integrating Point-of-Sale, Back Office, Stock, Debtors, Creditors and Purchases features. It has been designed with extensive input from various small and medium South African businesses. The features built into the Touch365 software cater for the majority of businesses operating in the local wholesale and retail environments. Touch365 is very affordable, easy to implement, understand and use

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Easy to use Till Module

The Touch365 Till module has all the Till functions one on one single screen. Full keyboard and mouse functionality is easily supported. Simple and intuitive interface allows easy understanding and minimal Teller Training.

  • Rapid processing at Till Point
  • Keyboard, Mouse, Card Reader and Scanner supported at Till Point
  • Excellent item search facilities built in to the Till Point.
  • Cash Sale, Cash Return and Till Drawings supported at Till Point.
  • Debtor Payments, Cash & Account Sales  supported at Till Point.
  • Split payment support between cash, EFT, card, cheque Voucher etc.
  • Debtor Quotations and Sales Orders supported at Till Point.
  • Multiple pricing per Debtor supported at Till Point
  • Lay-bye support and track per customer on multiple lay-byes at Till Point.
  • Payments can be split between cash, cheque, card, EFT, voucher, etc.
  • Promotions supported, days, quantity and price.
  • Parking of a Trolley supported for Cash Sales and Debtor Cash Sales.
  • Parking of Trolley Supports the Cash Office Scenario where all cash is received at 1 point.
  • Comprehensive Cash-up supported per user at sale point with coinage slip.
  • Supervisor password can be activated for discounts, deleting items etc.
  • Easy to use with very quick Teller training.
  • Sale point also supports a Touch Screen.
  • LCD Colour Customer Display supported.
  • Item Pictures supported at Point-of-Sale.
  • Fast and easy to use Keyboard shortcuts
  • Sale price check at Till Point
  • Cash-Up and coinage calculator per Teller.

Loyalty Card

The Touch365 System supports a loyalty card, tracking of loyalty customers and number of points earned per purchase and also redemption of these points.

Back Office

  • Tills Tracking, Sales, Cash-ups, Drawings etc.
  • Till and Payment Setup Utilities.
  • Day End, Month End Utilities.
  • Reprinting of Till Slips.
  • Extensive Till Point Reports by:
  • Tills
  • Departments
  • Sales Reps
  • Transactions
  • Sales Audits
  • VAT Reconciliation Sales and Purchases

Suppliers Module

The Suppliers Module tracks all purchases from the various suppliers. This module is important in terms of tracking last price paid for items purchased, volume of business per supplier and outstanding payments to suppliers. Some of the functions supported by the Suppliers  Module are:-

  • Master Supplier List
  • Supplier Transactions such as
    • Invoices and Debit Notes
    • Payments and Reversals
    • Journals
    • Claims
  • PDC Tracking Register
  • Correct Aging of Accounts
  • Comprehensive Supplier Reports by:-
    • Purchases
    • Transactions
    • Supplier ledger
    • Control Account
    • Payments
    • PDC Register
    • Age Analysis

Stock Control Module

Stock control is the heart of your business and our Touch365 Point of Sale provides a robust, feature rich with in-depth product editing coupled with easy on-the-fly creation and secure inventory  management.

  • Creating stock items on the fly.
  • Departments and Sub Departments
  • Categories, Classifications and Bin Locations
  • Multiple levels of Pack Links
  • Size and Colour Matrix
  • Kit Items
  • Multiple Pricing Structure
  • Multiple Rebate Structure
  • Tracking of Manufacturers per items
  • Deposit and Trade-in items supported.
  • Bar Code Printing – Item labels and shelf talkers.
    • Stock Transactions Supported
    • Goods Received Voucher
    • Supplier Returns
    • Stock Adjustments
    • Stock Returns
    • Warehouse Transfers
    • Stock Purchase Orders
  • Stock Reports Supported
    • Master Stock List
    • Minimum Maximum Levels
    • Valuation Reports
    • Stock Take Reports
    • Stock Movement Reports
    • Top Seller & Slow Movers

Debtors Module

The Touce365 system has an extensive easy to use Debtors Control System. The Debtors are created in this Module which is then used in the Point-of-Sale Module for cash and account sales. Some of the functions supported by the Debtors module are:

  • Master Client list
  • Debtor Transactions such as:
    • Account Sales
    • Account Returns
    • Cash Sales
    • Cash Returns
    • Quotations
    • Sales orders
  • Correct Aging of Accounts
  • Journal entries and Payments
  • Combination of Balance Brought forward or Open Item Supported per Debtor
  • PDC Tracking Register
  • Staggered Dispatching
  • Comprehensive Debtor Reports by:
    • Sales
    • Top Debtors
    • Sales Staff
    • Items Purchased
    • Profitability
    • Transactions
    • Age Analysis
    • Debtor Ledger
    • Payments
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