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Market Leaders in Retail and Wholesale Business Point of Sale Software

We see ourselves as market leaders in Retail and Wholesale Software Solutions. Our competitive edge is the flexible nature of our software and in the innovative and simple way that we develop our software in order to support our client’s business needs. Our software is developed with our clients from a business point of view in order to support the business drivers of any business in a seamless way.

We have sales, support and development operations in Johannesburg and we have TOUCH365 Resellers in Johannesburg South, Durban, Cape Town and Polokwane. We are busy expanding this footprint of Resellers throughout South Africa.  We also offer our software solutions within the rest of South Africa and various neighbouring countries outside South Africa, including Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Kenya.

Our Software Solutions are very affordable and easy to implement and has tremendous business functionality compared to most of our competitors. The software package has been tailored for the modern day business. The Touch365 software fits into most of the major sectors of the Retail and Wholesale market.

Why Are We The Best?

The TOUCH365 Point-of-Sale software has been developed for quick implementation and training of users is rapid and simple. We can also convert data from existing systems to the TOUCH365 format. The development of the Software is from a business approach and appeals to most businesses in its simplicity and ease of use and understanding.
TOUCH365 has attained a BEE Recognition Level of 100% as a Level 1 Contributor.
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