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touch365 point of sale business solutions

Touch365 recognizes that retail store, restaurant, and specialty store owners need a point of sale specifically tailored to their unique businesses. That’s why we sell more than POS systems – we sell complete point of sale solutions.

Give us a call and learn why with over 1000+ Users and counting, Touch365 is the most complete and trusted Point of Sale Solution on the market.

touch365 point of sale business solutions

Online Updates & Support: You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.


Our #1 priority is you, the user. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your business as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support around at our dedicated support center. In addition, Touch365 constantly offers free updates with new features requested by our users. You can count on us.

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touch365 point of sale business solutions
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Everything you Need to Run a Successful Business

Customize Your System

Choose the POS software, hardware, and peripherals you need to maximize the productivity and profitability of your business.

Ring Up Sales

Handle the sales process from start to finish and in a more efficient manner than ever before. Faster checkout means happier customers.

Run Your Business

Manage every aspect of your business, from inventory and employees to finances and customers. Gain the insight you need to start making better decisions.

Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Touch365 is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Touch365 is not only built by us, but also by our users.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsEasy to use Till Module

The Touch365 Till module has all the Till functions on one single screen. Full keyboard and mouse functionality is easily supported. The simple and intuitive interface allows for easy understanding and minimal Teller Training.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsCompatible with Windows Tablets

Whether you are looking to extend your POS solution, enhance customer experience or improve the efficiency of your operations, combining Touch365 with a Microsoft Windows Tablet PC is the ideal fit. The tablet is the perfect balance of mobility and durability.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsCustomer Loyalty Cards

Build, retain and reward your customer base with a loyalty card. Touch365 Point of Sale provides easy tracking of loyalty card carrying customers, points based earning system as well as a simple redemption of loyalty points.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsDebtors Module

Retailers need systems that give them the flexibility to create different debtor types.  Touch365 Point of Sale caters for granting credit limits and variable date driven terms to trusted entities with a proven track record of payment; as well as creating cash debtors.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsBack-Office Management

Taking the hassle out of managing your day to day operations as well as sales reports and accounting,  The Touch365 Point of Sale Back Office Module provides daily and monthly utilities, reports, reprinting, cash-ups and much more.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsSuppliers Module

The Suppliers Module tracks all purchases from the various suppliers. This module is important in terms of tracking the last price paid for items purchased, the volume of business per supplier and outstanding payments to suppliers.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsInter Branch Transfer (IBT)

The IBT module is suitable for any business with more than one branch, where the transfer of stock between the branches needs to be accurately tracked. 

touch365 point of sale business solutionsAdvanced Reporting Options

Detailed sales reporting showing turnover, profit and margin % allow for absolute control and insights into the operations of the business.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsLegacy POS Conversions

Is your current POS system not giving you the most out of it? Contact us today to find out if we can convert your existing data over to Touch365 Point of Sale

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Fully Customizable Options

  • One Click Legacy POS Importer

  • Tills (POS Computers) and Back Office computers connect over a local network to a fast and robust mySQL Server

  • Supports Electronic Cash Drawers, A4 and receipt printers,  USB Barcode Scanners, Label Printers,  Customer Display and Touch Screen

  • Unlimited Number of Users (Cashiers, Supervisors, Managers, etc)

  • Support for any Currency

  • Lay-Bye (Lay-By) sales and Order Sales (sales that consist of a deposit and one or more additional payments before the goods are released)

  • Sales tax setup for any country

  • Hot Keys (shortcut keys) is configurable to work with POS or standard keyboards.

  • Customize POS App with your Logo.

  • ‘Stock running low’ screen with easy ordering.

  • Scheduled price updates

  • Setup Promotions to run for specific periods.

  • Vouchers – Flexible setup of discount vouchers

  • Combo Deals – Example: buy one get one free, buy 5 for the price off …. etc.

  • Customer Accounts (debtors). Allow you to sell with credit and manage accounts. Customer Notes, History and Statements. Supports customer cards (Card with barcode that can be scanned, or cards that can be swiped using a card reader).

  • Customer Tier Prices – Allow customers to pay a special tier price. Tier price automatically selected when customer card scanned or swiped.

  • Customize security levels for tasks (Reprints, refunds, void sale, etc)

  • Supports compound items (menu items) that consists of multiple sub items

  • Multiple payment methods per sale (Credit/Debit Card, Cash, Account, Check/Cheque). – Flexible payment options – Payment option can be configured

  • Export Manager – Export Stock Information for other programs (like scale software).

  • Easy Database Backup

  • Supports Price or Weight in Barcode (Scale Generated Barcodes)

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Meet our Products – Everything you need for Retail Success

We combine Hardware, Software, and Services to Provide Turnkey POS Solutions

Point of Sale

Food Court – Point of Sale

Touch365 Food Court is designed for restaurants and takeaways. It serves as an efficient front-end compliment to the power of the Touch365 Point of Sale system. Your employees will appreciate the order that Touch365 brings to their service

Point of Sale

Lite – Point of Sale

Touch365 Point of Sale Lite is geared towards smaller retailers. This product offers most of the same tools as the Professional Version, with a focus aimed at supplying smaller stores with a compact package. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Point of Sale

Professional – Point of Sale

Our flagship offering, Touch365 Point of Sale is a solid POS system that is fully adaptable to the needs of your business. Touch365 Point of Sale is packed with all of the features you need to take your business to the next level

Each Part of the System Plays a Role

Navigating the POS purchasing decision can be daunting, and we’re here to help. We offer a variety of point of sale hardware and POS software options to meet the unique needs of retail stores and restaurants around the world. Our POS systems are supported by our dedicated customer service– including telephonic/remote/onsite support and even ongoing employee training – to offer our customers a complete point of sale solution. We’ve helped over 100’s of businesses streamline their operations and increase their efficiency. Our Product Specialists act as true consultants to help you customize a system to meet your business goals. We have the experience and expertise to help you make the right point of sale decision for your business.

Point of Sale

Ridiculously Easy Setup: True One Click Installation

The Touch365 Installation process is swift and effortless. Our one-click installer provides the simplest way to instantly install all components. Choose between a Server or Workstation installation depending on your business needs

Point of Sale

Our Happy Clients: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to user base. When you buy Touch365, there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 630+ users and counting, you cannot go wrong with Touch365 Point of Sale

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