Touch365 Point of Sale – Food Court

Every Restaurant is Different, So It’s Our Goal to Work Closely with You to Customize a Solution to Meet Your Needs

Guaranteed to improve & maintain the profitability of your Restaurant

Our restaurant POS software is ideal for restaurateurs looking for a robust feature set with customizable options. Learn more to see if Touch365 is the best POS software for your restaurant.

We have focused on the hospitality industry and our software is tailored to meet the specific needs of managing a successful restaurant business.

  • Order by Table

    Eliminate order errors with easy reference to each table’s information

  • Kitchen Communication

    Streamline processes from the sales floor to the kitchen

  • Sales Reports

    Gain real-time visibility into your sales activity

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Order by Table Management

Manage the Entire Floor From Your POS

Touch365 lets you customize your floor layout and manage individual tables within the POS system. Track orders by table and seat to ensure orders are always placed accurately and delivered to the right patrons. 

Kitchen Communication

Quick Communication Means Faster Turnover

Once an order is placed at the POS, the ticket is then sent to the kitchen via a remote printer, which creates a paper ticket, which projects the order on a monitor for the kitchen staff to see. The restaurant system ensures orders make it to the kitchen promptly and accurately.

Customizable Menu

Let Us Program Your Menu For You

We can program your entire menu into the POS software for easy order entry. Your staff can identify menu items by pictures to increase speed and accuracy of entering orders. The restaurant software allows you to divide your menu by sections – for example, appetizers, mains, sides, and drinks – to keep everything organized for the wait staff.

Telephone Ordering

Increase Your Exposure and Sales

Our restaurant POS software allows businesses to fully integrate their telephone orders with the POS. When your staff enters an order, a ticket is automatically created within the point of sale and sent to the kitchen. When the customer arrives to collect then the order can be converted to an invoice.

What Else? Touch365 Is Full of Features for your Business!

Stay in control of your restaurant / fast food and ensure profitability. Manage all aspects, from the arrival of fresh produce through to the sale of the finished product. Identify areas that require attention and restrict your staff to the tasks relevant to their job descriptions.

Whether you operate a single neighborhood restaurant or a nationwide chain, Touch365 will provide you with all the tools you need to run a successful business – keeping tight controls of gross profit, margins, staff effectiveness and stock losses. Touch365 has evolved around the needs of multiple-outlet groups so it has built-in support for multi-store configurations.

Menus, pricing, promotions can all be controlled centrally from Head Office and automatically distributed to stores when ready. 

We also understand the need to be able to analyze consolidated figures for the whole business – and our IBT solutions provide delivery of consolidated information to head office from simple point-and-click reports to full fledged Business Intelligence.

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  • Easy-to-use intuitive software – reduce training time
  • Recipe based stock control (Kit Items)
  • Easy Menu Creation

  • Credit & debit card processing
  • Security – Unlimited user access levels

  • Head Office capabilities
  • Extensive kitchen printing

  • Multiple Payment Methods (Cash, Card, Voucher, etc)
  • Orders by Table
  • User-customisable screens and screen flow